Discovery Institute Academy is an initiative of Discovery Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit educational and research organization headquartered in the city of Seattle. We aim to provide high school-level science courses taught from the perspective that nature reflects intelligent design. We are launching in the fall of 2023 with our first course, High School Chemistry. 

For Whom

Our courses are best suited for homeschool students, since Discovery Institute Academy is not a degree-granting institution and does not offer courses for academic credit. Thus, it is the parent/guardian rather than the Discovery Institute Academy instructor who is considered the final authority on a student’s learning. Practically, this means that while the instructor is responsible for all course instruction, assessment, grading, feedback, and formulating of an overall student letter grade at the the end of the course, it is the parent/guardian who is considered the final authority on their student’s overall learning and can assign an overall “grade” for their student as they see appropriate.